New World Meditation

Posted by Samara Macchia on

Step 1: The World Around Me
I feel into the moment and become aware of my body... the immediate environment... focusing on sounds and smells around me without attachment or judgement... 
I focus on what I have been thinking, hearing, seeing; the world I have created and the emotions attached to it. 

Step 2: Adjustments To My World
I visualise and create adjustments to improve the world around me. I occupy this new world with confidence, gratitude and loving emotions. 
I feel it already in existence.

Step 3: Empty Mind
I start with a third eye meditation. Then just breathe. 
I simply sit in stillness. No thinking. Just pure emptiness and bliss.

Step 4: A New World
When I'm ready, I open my eyes and step into my new world.

New World Meditation

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