Embracing the Raw, Pattina-ed & Reclaimed

Posted by Samara Macchia on

Today's 'progress' often leans towards the shiny and the manufactured. Yet, we often find ourselves pulled towards elements that resonate with nature and history within our personal spaces. Think of a ruggedly charming piece of reclaimed timber furniture, each mark and scratch narrating tales of its past. Or an antique artefact, with its faded elegance, evoking nostalgia and adding layers of depth to a room.

Natural fabrics, too, exude a comforting warmth. Hemp, raw linen, and other organic textiles bring a tactile comfort, reminiscent of a connection we often yearn for in today's digital age. Their nuanced imperfections stand in delightful contrast to mass-produced materials, offering a sensory experience that's both real and grounded.

For us, interior styling is as much about personal expression as it is about creating a space that feels alive. In avoiding the 'sterile' feel of the overly manufactured and embracing the patinated, the raw, and the aged, we're curating stories, memories, and a slice of timeless beauty.

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