Susumuya Tea Ware is the exclusive teaware brand of Susumuya Tea Shop, a renowned specialty store dedicated to offering the finest Kagoshima and Chiran teas from Japan.

Japanese tea culture has a rich history, with the design and style of "tea tools" evolving through the ages to reflect the unique characteristics of each era. Susumuya Tea Ware aims to bring the timeless tradition of Japanese tea back into daily life, offering moments of tranquility and relaxation through the enjoyment of authentic Japanese tea.

"When you observe the conditions in which Japanese tea is in our times, it was natural for us to wish to make tea tools for the new era. Our tea professionals collaborated with Japan's most outstanding craftsmen to create the tea tools for enjoying delicious Japanese tea in everyday life after numerous careful considerations. We look forward to seeing the day when people drink authentic Japanese tea in their everyday life," 

Mr. Kotaro Shinbara, President of SUSUMUYA TEA SHOP.