Why We Choose Natural Fragrances

Posted by Samara Macchia on

Just as we are cautious about the food we consume, being discerning about the perfumes we choose is equally vital. Transitioning to natural, chemical-free perfumes that harness the purity of sugarcane alcohol, as opposed to denatured alcohol, provides a safer and more nourishing experience for your skin, and ensures that what you're inhaling is free from harmful toxins.

Steering clear of ingredients like parabens, silicones, and petrolatum is not just a commitment to personal health, but a stand for environmental responsibility. These substances often have adverse effects, ranging from skin irritations to contributing to long-lasting environmental harm. Additionally, by choosing perfumes that adhere to cruelty-free production standards, we move towards fostering a market where compassion and ethics hold a prominent place. In this era of conscious living, let's select fragrances that not only captivate our senses but also align with our dedication to nurturing both personal health and our precious planet. Make a pledge to opt for natural perfumes, and embrace a life where luxury and responsibility dance in harmonious balance.

At Shack Palace, we make sure that all perfumes, room fragrances, skincare products, candles and incenses are free from harmful ingredients, prioritising certified organic (or equivalent) ingredients always.

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