Stovetop Holy Joe

Posted by Samara Macchia on

We love our Holy Joe coffee over ice, but as the weather began to cool we started exploring different ways to enjoy this deliciously smooth coffee as a warmer brew. Holy Joe recommend a few ways to heat up their coffee this on their website here. One of the simplest ways we found to do this is to simply pour Holy Joe cold drip into a small saucepan and heat over medium heat for 4-6 minuets. 

The flavour varies subtly, the darkest notes mellowing out towards a rich caramel in a similar way to a stovetop brew. The thing we love in comparison to other espressos is that hot Holy Joe stays smooth.

To make a Hot Cup of Joe on your stovetop, simply use a coffee pot or saucepan (we used our Falk 10cm copper saucepan), pour your desired amount of Holy Joe in and heat over medium heat for around two to three minutes.
From there, simply pour into a mug and enjoy straight or mix in your milk of choice, cream, herbal tinctures etc. 

Holy Joe coffee is available in our Byron Bay store.

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