Our Family Kitchen / Apothecary

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Given our love for food, brews, family & conversation, it is no surprise that our kitchen is the central hub of our little home.

It is where meals are made and eaten, coffee & tea are brewed and shared with anyone within yelling distance, family (& business) discussions are held, friends gather to eat and talk, family celebrations are enjoyed, and mess is always made.

It is hard to pinpoint what makes a great kitchen however I have come to realise that it isn’t the latest appliances, or the biggest oven, or the most organised pantry … it is the energy and intention that is created in the space.  

I love that our kitchen is also our apothecary where we experiment with food & herbs for health and healing.  As well as new recipes, at the moment I am blending new herbal teas and elixirs which are undergoing rigorous taste testing.  With a philosophy of leaning back towards nature for our health and well being we also have a few shelves in the pantry with herbal supplements which we trial to find what works best for each of us individually at different times. A brew is always made in the kitchen each morning, with coffee or without, and more often than not we are joined by friends, tradesmen or neighbours for the latest Frankie creation. Herbal tea is steeped & shared after dinner to settle us down for a good nights sleep.

But its not the food or brew or elixir that is important – it’s the conversation, the connection, the laughter, the arguments and the overriding feeling of love that makes our kitchen my very favourite room in the house!

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