Shungite Chunk shungite Shack Palace
Shungite Chunk shungite Shack Palace

Shungite Chunk

Shungite is a stone with a unique composition. It is primarily made up of fullerenes, made of carbon atoms. Shungite also consists of nearly all the minerals on the periodic table.

Shungite naturally has electrical conducting properties that help inhibit electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic fields, which contain trace amounts of radiation, are produced by all common household electronics. Placing Shungite at the base of the electronic, throughout your home is said to reduce the radial output without interfering with the operations.

Size: Approx. 9cm x 7cm x 6cm 

The crystal you receive may be different to the ones pictured.

If you would like to see photos of the pieces we currently have available, please contact our friendly team and we will happily text or email you photos.