Susumuya Teapot

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A simple interpretation of the classic flat Japanese teapot grown out of a collaboration between Oji Masanori, Susumuya tea-house, and Tatsuo Umehara, third generation potter at Hokuryu Kiln, who carefully turns each piece separately on a wheel, before assembling the parts and precisely fitting the lid. The teapots are left unglazed, the colour developing during firing as the surface of the red Tokoname clay turns a deep even black - a porous finish which will develop and change over time. 

Dimensions: dia200 x w120 x h70mm

Materials: Unglazed Tokoname soil (Black) 

This teapot is kilned thoroughly using Tokoname soil without any glaze letting the stains of the tea to steadily mature together with the teapot. We recommend hand washing, with no use of detergent, as the odour of the detergent may stay in the teapot. The lid and the main body of the teapot are delicately adjusted so that they fit perfectly after kilned, allowing one not to miss serving even the last drop of tea.

Pairs with the Susumuya Teacup


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