Sān Shén Liǎng Kè Incense Trial Set

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Explore the full collection of Sān Shén Liǎng Kè incense with this sample pack, containing 2 sticks of each of their 8 scents. 


2 Sticks of each scent (16 sticks total)

1 x Ceramic Incense Stand

Stick Length: 10.5cm

Burn Time: Approx. 22mins per stick



夏日山涧 Mountain Stream: Agarwood, Cypress, Frankincense, Tanarius major, Scrophulariae, Magnolia, Lingling herb, Asarum

风入松间 Pine Breeze: Atlantic cedar, Frankincense

云中野庐 House in the Clouds: Taihang cypress, storax, Sweet wormwood, clove, Rosemary, Cedar

庭前望月 Moon Gaze: Agarwood, Cypress, Indonesian benzoin, clove, Atractylodes, Rhodiola rosea

溪上青草 Streamside Greens: Cypress wood, Rosemary

晚雪温酒 Snow Wine: Australian sandalwood, Benzoin, Setgum resin, Cinnamon

空山一语 Empty Mountain: Agarwood, Mint

僧庐听雨 Temple Rain: Cypress, Tanarius major, Patchouli, Wood fragrance, Kaempferia, Rhubarb, Lingling herb, Clove


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