Plethora Magazine Issue No. 12

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Of Patterns & Fragments

Issue no. 12 of Plethora Magazine delves into hidden patterns behind all natural form in pursuit of the fractal codes that shape progressions of growth, transformation and dispersion in the vast splendour of organic structures. When tracing the archetypical outlines of these dynamic configurations, intricate formulas are revealed that allows profound insights to the blueprints of the seemingly chaotic fabric of life. Slowly a new order appears in the wild lines of turbulence, propagation and dispersion and clues emerge that we may later harness through a fragmented prism of logic and intuition of form.  

The journey takes its course through an investigative tale of wondrous fractals, kaleidoscopic visions, the phenomenon of pareidolia, uncanny illusions of mind, the diffused consciousness of cephalopods and the impossibility of black swans.

In the wide dissection of natural form, Plethora Magazine #12 enters further into the spectrum of natural pigments to highlight the organic dye processes involved in many of the traditional, pioneering photographic techniques and print types such as calotypes, cyanotypes, ferrotypes, silver albumen types, anthotypes and more.



Wilson Bentley, Anna Atkins, Adam Jeppesen, Lee Bae, Kristopher Biernat, Nicolai Howalt, Tilde Bay Kristoffersen, Henry Fox Talbot and more …


• Limited edition of 1000 copies
• Format 70,5 x 50,5 cm, 52 pages
• Specialised off-set print, organic ink , certified sustainable paper stock
• Handmade, embossed archival folder out of traditional fibre-carton
• Hand dyed cotton ribbons by natural pigments
• Printed by Narayana Press Yoga Ashrama
• 94% certified sustainable production


We use all recycled, recyclable & compostable packaging materials.

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