Moon Essence Burner

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This Essence Burner, designed with a duo of cylindrical components, is intended for use with water or fragranced wax, combined with a tea light candle. The flame subtly warms the top ceramic plate, promoting a delightful aroma that brightens any room.

Crafted in Gifu, Japan, the burner is a result of a special blend of clay, meticulously hand-poured to create a textured and rustic ceramic surface. Its serene aesthetics adds tranquility to your daytime ambiance. Yet, it reveals a deeper, intriguing character when illuminated in the dark.

Size: 14cm tall x 12cm wide

Comes in Handcrafted Kiribako Box from Kanazawa.

Essential oil blend not included. 


We use all recycled, recyclable & compostable packaging materials.

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