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Experience the ultimate coffee-making experience with the Brew Pour Over, designed by Frank Macchia and expertly crafted by two skilled artisans. This premium coffee maker features a forged metal frame and two handmade ceramic pieces - a jug and cone. Enjoy a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Set Includes:

Metal Frame

Ceramic Jug

Ceramic Pour Over Cone

Please note that each frame and ceramics are made individually by hand so may very. 



Stand: 29cm high x 20cm wide x 18cm deep

Jug: Approx. 19cm high and 11cm wide at base  (holds >1 litre of water)

Cone: 11cm diameter x 14cm high


Our Pour Over Ritual

Place your paper filter or cotton Coffee Sock inside the cone.

Slowly wet the fabric or paper evenly with boiling water.

Grind a handful of organic whole coffee beans to a medium-coarse grain. Use an extra handful for each person you're making for. 

Place the ground coffee in the wet filter, and slowly pour in enough water to be absorbed by the coffee. At this stage avoid filling with too much water that it drips through into the cup below.

After leaving to ‘bloom’ for two minutes, slowly pour in as much water as you feel you need for your cup - pouring slower for a stronger brew.

Often a narrow-spouted kettle will make the process of drawing flavour easier, as it allows you to move the pour across the surface of the grind slightly more evenly.

After you’ve filled your cup, you may simply enjoy as is.
Or for a more personalised medicinal brew, add Elixir Powders, milk, butter or ghee and blend as you wish. 



Metal Frame: Wipe with a damp cloth to clean and dry with a towel. Do not use any chemical cleaning products. Recommended for indoor use only unless you are okay with rusting over time (which can look great!).

This item is made from solid steel and coated with a rust resistant oil. Therefore if left un-attended, it may begin to pattina and rust naturally as the oil wears off. To avoid rusting, we recommend re-coating every few months and avoiding prolonged exposure to moisture.

Ceramic Pieces: Hand wash only. Heat resistant. 


We use all recycled, recyclable & compostable packaging materials.

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