Northern Light was birthed by a beautiful vision – to create a candle light from the world’s most pristine beeswax and share and throw this light all over the world. The idea was based on the fact that Australia is the last country in the world that can produce large amounts of organic pristine beeswax and that bees and beeswax light has been esteemed for all of written history. The light from bees and this pristine wax is like no other candle light and founder Jeffrey, as a beekeeper himself for decades, was always well positioned to seek out large amounts of perfect beeswax via the relationships with Australian beekeepers that he has nurtured for decades. As a result, the Australian beekeepers working with Northern Light raised their standards and practices to produce this stand alone quality beeswax.

Northern Light invented and introduced the world’s first beeswax tea light, right here in Australia in 1995 and has thrived and grown every year since.


100% Pure Organic Beeswax

Beeswax is made by nature’s worker bees.  No artificial scents or colours are required and it’s free from petroleum products and chemicals. Beeswax candles last up to three times longer than paraffin wax candles and twice as long as soy candles of the same size. Beeswax candles do not drip and are smokeless.

Northern Light Candle Company uses only the purest, unadulterated, organic beeswax when producing our candles. We believe people should have a choice to make clear decisions via education. What you are breathing whilst burning a paraffin candle may be harmful.