15ml Bottle - Hakudo Moon Essence perfume Shack Palace
15ml Bottle - Hakudo Moon Essence perfume Shack Palace

Hakudo Moon Essence

By Aoiro Air Design.

Pure essential oil blend. 

Wrapped in the warmth of turmeric and guided by the ancient spirit of koyamaki, it lights the way towards a memory of that which is timeless and eternal.

Blue cypress whispers like a crescent moon floating in an indigo sky. Airy notes of frankincense invokes an expansive stillness. Awareness deepens and sensations sharpen.

A quiet moment with the mystic aroma of Hakudo Moon draws the needle of your inner compass towards the understanding that knowledge is ancient and we can trust the intelligence of emotion.


A composition of 11 botanical essences.

SARO · Cinnamosma fragrans

FRANKINCENSE · Boswellia carterii

GREEN BERGAMOT · Citrus aurantium bergamia

PALMAROSA · Cymbopogon martinii

BLUE CYPRESS · Callitris intratropica

VIOLET LEAF · Viola odorata

BLACK PEPPER · Piper nigrum

KOYAMAKI · Sciadopitys verticillata

TURMERIC · Curcuma longa

CEDARWOOD · Juniperus virginiana

VETIVER · Vetiveria zizanoidesol