Scent Meditation

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The sense of smell is a primal sense which allows communication through odours by way of recognition of cues, odours and memory. Whilst one of the least consciously used of our senses, it prompts a variety of associations and meaning in different cultures.

This scent meditation was written by Dr Jennifer Rhind and published by Sensory Studies. 



Sit in a comfortable position. Hold the scent to your nose, and inhale deeply three times. Keeping your eyes open, imagine your consciousness dissolving outward to the scent, as if you were touching it, merging with it, flowing into it. When you feel you have reached the point of saturation, close your eyes, and detach yourself from all senses but smell.

Descend deeply inside, bearing the essence of the scent you have chosen, and touch it with your vision of the scent. Build an inner picture of the essence – the essence of the essence. Imagine it as a phantasm, an animal, a memory, anything that seems to you to be conjured by the deep impression of the scent. Turn outward again, and consciously smell the scent again. Repeat the outer phase and inner phase until you feel that the experience has reached a natural conclusion.

This exercise will help you to carry in your consciousness a living connection with a particular essence, and through it, with the spiritual dimension of the scent in general.

You will find that each scent you meditate on creates a different internal image and meditative experience.

Scent Meditation

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