Our 'Analogue' Camper Van

Posted by Samara Macchia on

The Shack Van is a continuation of Frank's experiments in 'analogue' living, which began with the design of our guest home, back in 2017. 

We are exploring the idea that if we change the way we live to become closer to nature, such as paring back the size, design and objects in our homes to only the necessities and adopting a more 'analogue' approach to many of our daily activities we may become more focused, present and resilient and therefore adapt better to the evolving world. 

Our ’Analogue’ Camper VanOur ’Analogue’ Camper Van

Our ’Analogue’ Camper VanOur ’Analogue’ Camper VanOur ’Analogue’ Camper Van

Our ’Analogue’ Camper Van
Our ’Analogue’ Camper VanOur ’Analogue’ Camper Van
Photos by Kelli Jean Black

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