T-41 Meditation Stool

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Designed by Frank Macchia and crafted in Byron Bay.

This piece has been made from recycled hardwood and coated in a completely natural eco wax. 

Approx. Dimensions: 48cm long x 25cm wide x 25cm tall

To still the mind, first still the body.

Using a properly designed meditation stool which promotes good posture, aligning all chakras can completely change and enhance your meditation experience.

Our Meditation Stools are designed help improve your posture and keep your back straight and your legs comfortably relaxed. These stools will also help to reduce strain on your legs, ankles and knees during your practice. 

The design of our T41 Stool is completely unique in that it includes a thick hardwood base which the stool slides into, turning it into a beautiful side table when not in use. Please note that the stool does not attach to the base, so it can wobble slightly when slotted in, and does not make a perfectly stable table. 

When the base is separated it can be used alongside the stool to hold ritual and meditation items such as tea, candles and crystals. We have also included two small holes in the base to hold various sizes of incense sticks. 

These pieces are crafted from recycled timber with a 'wabi sabi' philosophy, embracing the imperfections and differences in each piece. 


Please note that these stools are each slightly unique in shape and colour. If you wish to see the specific pieces we have available or have any specific requests please contact our team. 


We use all recycled, recyclable & compostable packaging materials.

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