Lepaar Wise Travellers Set

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All any sun-seeking, element-kissed, air condition-beaten traveller ever needs.

• Precious Face Oil / 10ml
• Sacred trinity Rescue Serum / 10ml
• Velvet Face + Lip Balm / 5ml


Precious Face Oil

Our ultra-precious hero composition: created with sun-infused biodynamic, organic and wildcrafted active botanicals. Mindfully chosen for their regenerating, bio-rhythm-harnessing, energising, balancing and harmonising properties. Amplified with our signature Sacred Trinity blend of 24 karat Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. 

A high performance multi-purpose face balm that not only encourages abundant vitality, energises and deeply hydrates the skin, bestows radiant glow and inspires graceful aging like no other, but also harmonises our spirit, centres our self and balances our whole being.


Sacred Trinity Beauty Serum

A sacred, sun-infused blend of  biodynamic, organic and wildcrafted botanicals, mindfully selected for their exceptional age-proofing, line-erasing and harmonising properties.

This sun-charged skin serum is composed with the sacred ingredients used in ancient anointment oils: Intention-grounding Gold promotes elasticity. Re-aligning Frankincense softens lines. Awareness-heightening Myrrh helps with hyper-pigmentation. A next level rescue remedy created to accompany you through your day and night. Aids meditation, promotes sleep, eases the mind, relaxes the skin around the eyes, improves vision and mental focus, soothes skin and soul, disperses mind fog, lifts anxiety, travel, motion and homesickness.


Velvet Face & Lip Balm

A velvet textured, delicious, sun-infused composition of  biodynamic, organic and natural ingredients, mindfully selected for their protecting, exfoliating, humectant, grounding, balancing and harmonising properties.

A next level papaya ointment for soft lips and luminous glow. Brightens your cheekbones, sculpts your eyebrows and protects the skin around your eyes.


We use all recycled, recyclable & compostable packaging materials.

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