Indian Wood Tray

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Indulge in the rich heritage of Northern India with these versatile trays, originally an emblem of hospitality and familial bonding in Rajasthan households.

Historically, these handcrafted trays played an intrinsic role in welcoming guests, serving a delightful array of warm chapatis, crispy jalebis, or the sweet and spicy gulab jamuns, fostering a sense of community and sharing tales over meals enjoyed together. Now, they stand as stunning artefacts for your home, offering themselves as elegant platters in your kitchen or as a graceful repository for your cherished possessions.

Each piece, unique and steeped in history, harmoniously melds vintage charm with new construction, showcasing a black finish on reclaimed wood. 

Size: Approx. 70cm long x 53cm wide x 8cm high

Please note - these uniquely beautiful pieces are one of a kind and each item has individual characteristics that may slightly differ to the photograph displayed. If you would like to see photos of the specific pieces available, please contact our team. 


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