Herb & Lunar Incense

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A journey of the senses, our incenses are individually hand rolled in Australia with only natural herbs, woods and resins. Free from synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals that may be harmful to the mind and body.

Incense packs consist of 18 incense sticks, packed into an embossed paper sleeve:

Approximately 50 minutes burn time per stick.


Ylang Ylang

Grounding and woody Makkho, the resinous and ancient scent of Frankincense, earthy and creamy scent of W.A. Sandalwood and the floral and sensual notes of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.


Rich and earthy scent of Western Australian Sandalwood, woody aroma of Makkho, vanilla aromatics of Benzoin Sumatra and sweet scent of ancient Dark Copal.

Clary Sage

Musky, sweet and herbaceous Sage, woody Makkho, the smoky sweet scent of Myrrh, earthly sweetness of W.A. Sandalwood and a drop of soft and musky scent of Clary Sage Essential Oil.

Dark Copal + Cinnamon

Sweet and warm Dark Copal, woody scent of Makkho, notes of pine, citrus and spicy undertones of Frankincense and the spicy tones of Cinnamon.

Assorted Box 

Includes 6 x Ylang Ylang, 6 x W.A. Sandalwood and 6 x Sage.


Safety: As with any incense or smudge sticks it’s important to have windows open to allow air flow. Avoid contact with eyes. Not suitable for use whilst pregnant. If irritation occurs discontinue use and seek medical advice.


We use all recycled, recyclable & compostable packaging materials.

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