Harmony Rose Serum

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A high vibration, luxuriously harmonising, deeply moisturising and actively firming composition that also soothes the heart and lifts the spirit.

Sun-infused extracts, cold-pressed seed oils and steam distilled essential oils of chosen hero members of the Rose (Rosacea family) combine their healing powers to deliver a well rounded composition of complexity and outstanding skin healing benefits:

Rose extract and essential oil deeply hydrates, prevents cellular oxidation, reduces redness, soothes irritation, lifts depression and elevates our spirit. 

Rose hip fruit extract and cold-pressed seed oil deliver essential fatty acids, Vitamin C, E and A needed to repair sun damage, correct dark spots, reduce lines and fade scars.

Extract of the much overlooked Quince fruit and seeds, found to be a stronger antioxidant than vitamin C, is loaded with restorative quercetin, a natural antioxidant with the ability to extend the lifespan and viability of skin cells. The extract provides a powerful moisture barrier for the skin.

For women and men. Mature skin. Especially formulated for mature, dry, lacklustre, toxin overloaded skin skin in need of special tender love and care and intense, deep hydration. Reduces redness and hyper-pigmentation.

Use very little, a drop is ample. Mornings and evenings. Massage 1 or 2 drops max into still damp and warm skin every morning, using your ring fingers starting from the eyes. Your ring fingers have the lightest touch of all your digits and won’t pull your skin. This is a subtly fragrant composition that easily absorbs into the skin. Blend a drop with your night cream for a Vitamin night-repair boost.

A high vibration scent of full bloom roses with ever so light crushed apple ceed note and a hint of citrus sweet berry. The ethereal feminine, voluptuous Rose fragrance is gently tempered with sensual Vanilla and grounded by earthy Frankincense and resinous Myrrh. It warmly envelopes the skin and stays close for a lingering moment before gently releasing us into our newly calibrated, lovingly harmonised state.


CALENDULA* / Calendula Officinalis. Sun-infused flower extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Certified organic. Tasmania, Australia.  
VANILLA* / Vanilla planifolia. Sun-infused pod extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Certified organic. Daintree, Australia. 
OLIVE OIL**/ Olea europaea. Victoria, Australia. Cold pressed. Extra virgin. Certified Demeter biodynamic.

ROSE EXTRACT*/ Rosa Centifolia. Sun-infused flower extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Certified Organic. India
ROSE HIP EXTRACT*/ Rosa Canina. Sun-infused flower extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Certified Organic. South Africa
QUINCE EXTRACT*/ Rosa Canina. Sun-infused fruit extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Certified Organic. Australia
ROSE HIP OIL*/ Rosa Rubiginosa. Lesotho. Cold-pressed. Certified Organic.
RASPBERRY SEED OIL*/ Rubus idaeus. Cold pressed seed oil. Unrefined. Certified organic. USA 
SAFFRON EXTRACT* / Crocus Sativus. Sun-infused Stigma extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Certified organic. Australia.
ROSE OTTO DAMASK*/ Rosa Damascena. Bulgaria. Steam distilled essential oil. Certified Organic.

FRANKINCENSE FREREANA*/ Boswellia Frereana*. Sun-infused resin extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Steam distilled essential oil. Certified organic. Somalia 
WHITE 'ROYAL HORAJI' FRANKINCENSE / Boswellia Sacra^ Sun-infused resin extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Steam distilled essential oil. Certified organic. Oman 
FRANKINCENSE CARTERII^ / Boswellia Carterii. Steam distilled essential oil. Wildcrafted. Somalia. 
MYRRH*/ Commiphora Myrrha. Sun-infused resin extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Steam distilled essential oil. Certified organic. Somalia 
‘OMUMBIRI’ NAMIBIAN MYRRH^ / Commiphora Wildii. Sun-infused resin extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Steam distilled essential oil. Wildcrafted. Namibia. 
24 KARAT GOLD"/ Aurum. Certified Cosmetic Grade. Non-Nano Germany.

*Organic/certified organic **certified Demeter biodynamic ^wildcrafted "certified cosmetic.


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