Groundless [Shou Puerh]

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Groundless Shou Puerh - 熟茶

LOCATION: Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous 西双版纳傣族自治州


YEAR: 2016


Puerh tea is sometimes put into the black tea category, but it should actually have a category all its own. Traditional puerh is made from large-leaf, old-growth trees in Yunnan province, the birthplace of all Tea. After processing it is then left to ferment naturally over time, considered finished after 70 years. Starting in the 60's, and then officially in 1973, several puerh factories were working to try to speed up the fermentation of puerh artificially.  Thi new kind of tea was called shou (ripe) puerh. Ripe puerh is processed like traditional sheng (raw) puerh only with the added step of post-production piling, similar to composting. This tea is dark, rich and earthy while still tasting clean. Thick, smooth and a favourite of the seasoned tea drinker, especially on a cold day.

Beyond Organic

“Tea started as medicine and later became a beverage”

Provenance matters - the place something comes from and process it takes to get to us. Tea, like all plants, are deeply influenced by their terroir. As tea moved from its birthplace and spread, it changed and adapted as the trees where exposed to different climates, soil and environments. Processing methods have developed over thousands of years to work a long side the plant to maximise its medicinal properties. Our tea is always clean and grown by those the respect this herb. We aim to source tea that meet the following six criteria, however,  sometimes we have to find a compromise, but never on chemicals or stewardship.

  • Seed-propagated
  • Space to grow
  • Biodiversity
  • Chemical Free
  • No Irrigation
  • Human Stewardship


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