TIMEMORE Coffee was co-founded in 2012 by several coffee lovers.

They specialise in designing and developing of original hand-made coffee equipment.


With a responsible attitude towards each cup of coffee, TIMEMORE designs and develops every coffee-related product. We hope them as delicate as handicraft,also as beautiful as works of art and as accurate and professional laboratory equipment. We strive to use each of our product to refresh the industry standard. Only beautiful and useful products are worthy of each single coffee bean’s flavorful essence. We pay more effort just because we love coffee with no compromise.


We also explore subtlety between specialty coffee beans and extraction equipment, to form a complete perception of coffee. We are searching the world for the best coffee beans and roasting carefully, which aims to show the most wonderful flavor of each area. From our responsible baking to the extraction, you will enjoy the perfect cup belonging to yourself.


We hope time passes like a cup of coffee pouring over slowly, releasing multiple flavours to make life wonderful and tasty.

TIMEMORE: let’s enjoy slow living with more time.

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