Supernatural. Synergistic. Biodynamic. Small batch skincare composed with sun-infused whole plant extracts, rare oils + 24k Gold.

“We want to remind people of the ‘Whole’. The powers of the Sun Moon and Stars can be captured in processes ancient and healing. To create deeply complex compositions, imbued with Spirit and Love, giving back through the skin to heal and nurture.”

Lepaar create naturally age-proofing skincare, inspired by Anthroposophic teachings originated in 19th century Germany. Composed to nurture the wholeness of the human being, the sacred trinity of body, soul and spirit: to nourish, energise and protect the body in this earthly surrounds, align and center the soul within our self, and connect the spirit to higher consciousness.

Lepaar are a wholistic luxury skincare line of naturally performing compositions. Lepaar products are composed in small batches using the ancient method of sun-infusion. Hand-blended at full moon and new moon in Australia’s pristine Kangaroo Valley with biodynamic, organic and wildcrafted seed + fruit oils, steam distilled botanicals and purified minerals, that harmonise with both female and male skin of all ages.

A symphony of powerfully bio-active and rare ingredients of exquisite quality, some with a medicinal and age-proofing history dating back thousands of years. Grown in pristine environments and rich in naturally fragrant, self-preserving compounds that require no stabilisers, preservatives or perfumes.

Energised with the divine vibration of sunlight and charged with 24 karat gold, ancient Frankincense and rare Myrrh, natural essences used by wise women + men for centuries to help boost cell-renewal, slow collagen depletion and repair elemental damage.

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