Naturally plant dyed silk ribbons and beautiful handmade paper.

"Our philosophy is simple, we’re making a conscious decision to be kinder to the environment, supporting artisans who create with purpose and saying no to mass production. Our products, with subtle and unique imperfections created by human hands and natural ingredients, are more beautiful than superficially ‘perfect’ products - in our opinion. 

Unfortunately the worldwide industry standard dyeing process involves all sorts of nasty chemicals which are toxic and draining to the environment; using more energy, more water and producing more waste. The entire process has direct and distressing impacts on aquatic life; soil damage, global warming and lets not forget how harmful this is to the dye workers.

By purchasing our products you are contributing to a more sustainable, more ethical and more environmentally friendly business practice.

Natural Dye – Our natural dyeing process requires minimal amounts of water, no chemicals, salt or acids and our ribbons are air dried and then pressed. Our mindful process means we recycle our dye vat as many times as possible, producing 'limited' colour runs, hence the near impossible task of exact colour matching. And using plant materials to dye with results in unique random markings on our ribbons which we love. You really are purchasing a one of a kind, slow crafted, lovingly made product.

Our beautiful and unique colours are derived from nature, and for colour fastness we use natural mordants. Using this process means we save huge amounts of water & electricity and cause no damage to the environment or ourselves and our customers. Yay us!" - Sony (Owner of Feathers & Stone)

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