Smudging is a ancient ritual used in many forms of ceremony to purify spaces and bless ones spirit. These herbal blends have been intuitively created to heal the soul, uplift energy and bring spirit into alignment. Each time you burn the wand take a moment to set your intention for internal or external healing. Clear Quartz worked as an amplifier of all magical properties within the wand.

Bhony Austin first became involved in the sacred art of plant magic in 2015 after making a decision to learn about herself, transform and re-direct her life. Beginning first by changing her diet to plant-based foods she was soon immersed into a world of healing, self-work and ceremony. Bhony began offering and working with plants after forging strong connection to her indigenous Australian roots and intuitive nature.              

Now Bhony is helping to facilitate lifestyle workshops and plant ceremonies throughout Australia. She has assisted on Retreats worldwide offering her plant-based catering and her hand crafted unique smudging wands are created to uplift and transform spaces, energies and vibrations. 

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