Temple Mist [Green Tea]

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Sourced From: Lincang 臨滄 (Yunnan 云南)

Year: 2018



Green tea is often a tea persons first love. The simplest of all teas and one of the purest. As you brew this tea you might be reminded of why you fell in love in the first place. There is a magic in these light aromas, subtle flavours and in the uplifting Qi that sweeps you up. While the best green teas are often only composed of only buds sometimes a leaf and bud blend can actually be better, adding depth and Qi to a particular green tea. This is a good example of such a case. A completely clean green tea is a rare thing indeed! We tested over 80 “organic” green teas from Yunnan (which is the birthplace place of all tea) and this is the only one to come back clean.  The official beginning of spring in ancient China was the day the emperor sipped the first cup of the first flush of green tea. Herald in Spring with a pot of Temple Mist. 

Beyond Organic

“Tea started as medicine and later became a beverage”

Provenance matters - the place something comes from and process it takes to get to us. Tea, like all plants, are deeply influenced by their terroir. As tea moved from its birthplace and spread, it changed and adapted as the trees where exposed to different climates, soil and environments. Processing methods have developed over thousands of years to work a long side the plant to maximise its medicinal properties. Our tea is always clean and grown by those the respect this herb. We aim to source tea that meet the following six criteria, however,  sometimes we have to find a compromise, but never on chemicals or stewardship.

  • Seed-propagated
  • Space to grow
  • Biodiversity
  • Chemical Free
  • No Irrigation
  • Human Stewardship


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