Why I Love Matcha

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Tascha from Wilda shares why she loves Matcha

Matcha tea has become one of my favourite ‘first thing in the morning’ drinks… for a few reasons.

Firstly, some days I like to try a morning fast. I do this for a few reasons, and it actually started subconsciously, as some days of the week by the time I finish clients and training it ends up being 11am. I find this works well for me on some days and my hunger cues, the ghrelin (fondly named gremlin in our household) hormone doesn’t even rear its head until then. On other days, specifically in different stages of my cycle I just eat when I’m hungry and sometimes that’s as early as 8am. I like the ritual of having something to make and drink in the mornings and matcha tea won’t interfere with the amazing autophagy process that occurs whilst fasting. As long as it’s drunk with just water (no milk or sweetener) it can in fact help by suppressing hunger cues whilst still delivering nutrients. I’m definitely not for everyone fasting or intermittent fasting but for some people on certain days of the week or certain times of the month (for females mostly) they feel it boosts their energy and mental clarity and this is where listening to YOUR body is important.

My second reason for loving matcha as my morning brew was discovered once I tried Ceremonial Grade Matcha (after clearly & unknowingly having lower quality matcha previously). The good stuff doesn’t taste like grass! I like that it has a mild but nice taste (for me anyway) as it doesn’t leave me craving food or flavour afterwards.

Thirdly, it has some pretty impressive studies into its high antioxidant levels, ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and help with inflammation!

Fourthly (and one of the most interesting to me) is that even though matcha has a caffeine content, it doesn’t leave me with a nauseas feeling if I have it on an empty stomach, whereas coffee and even green or black tea does. These three drinks will also not break a fast; however, when the premise of fasting is that you aren’t eating, it doesn’t bode well for me to have a drink that makes me feel sick on an empty stomach. This is very individual though, just interesting to any fellow humans who get that same feeling from those beverages… you may be like me and be fine with matcha!

My reasons clearly aren’t in order of importance here and some may be just personal to me, however health in itself is very individual. So here’s my experience, experiment with it and see how you go, but I will say that finding a healthy, beneficial drink for my morning brew has become a nice little ritual of mine!

why I love Matcha

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