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Vitality Elixir Shackpalace Rituals
Vitality Elixir Shackpalace Rituals
Vitality Elixir Shackpalace Rituals
Vitality Elixir Shackpalace Rituals

Vitality Elixir

For Mental & Physical Performance


Ingredients:  Lions Mane (semi-wild)#, Cordyceps, Beetroot Powder*, Siberian Ginseng*, Ceylon Cinnamon*, Vanilla, Pink Lake Salt

# di tao

*certified organic



Add 1 -2 tsp to each cup of hot or iced coffee, carob, dandelion tea, hot chocolate or your favourite (hot or cold) brew, and blend in well. 

If pregnant or breastfeeding check with your health practitioner before using.


We all want to use our superpowers to perform well each day.. but how do we unleash them naturally?   

Our Vitality Elixir has been blended with the intention of helping your body maximise its ability to perform well, both mentally and physically each day.

This Elixir is based on the medicinal mushrooms Lions Mane (fruiting body) & Cordyceps (vegan, cultivated, full extract powder) as well as the adaptogen herb Siberian Ginseng.   Lions Mane extract powder is a nootropic that has been used by traditional herbalists for many years to support the brain and nervous system, improve cognitive function and boost digestive health.  Research suggests it not only has some important immune supporting functions, but it has also been shown to reduce cognitive decline, support nerve regeneration, and help the autonomic nervous system, boosting overall brain function and reducing anxiety & depression. 

Cordyceps is another powerful adaptogenic medicinal mushroom that has been used to counter fatigue, increase immunity and improve athletic performance. It also has a rich antioxidant profile, making it a brilliant anti aging tonic herb. 

Studies have shown that Cordyceps has antioxidant activity, may enhance blood flow and increase oxygen absorption and utilisation, improve metabolic efficiency and strengthen the body when used consistently over a period of time.  It has been shown to reduce fatigue and increase exercise capacity, possibly through its ability to influence the production of ATP which is the cells main fuel source.

If that’s not enough to get you excited about our Vitality Brew, we’ve also added in some Siberian Ginseng which is an adaptogen that helps the body better handle and adapt to stress, and also acts as a stimulant, increasing nervous system function. It also appears to have positive effects on energy levels, may reduce fatigue and enhance exercise performance.

Beetroot powder has been added to further enhance the body’s ability to achieve maximum performance.  As a source of nitrate, beetroot can increase nitric oxide availability which in turn can help reduce high blood pressure and reduce oxidative stress & inflammation.  Studies have also consistently shown that taking beetroot as a powder or juice improves exercise performance.

This elixir definitely wins the flavour stakes – Lions Mane is one of the tastiest medicinal mushrooms around, and beetroot powder compliments this beautifully with an earthy, sweet taste.  Natural vanilla, Ceylon cinnamon and naturally sourced Pink Lake salt ( high in electrolytes), makes a delicious addition to any brew.

We also add Vitality Elixir to raw dark chocolate, raw treats, iced cold drip coffee, smoothies, chocolate cake & slices as well as porridge & breakfast bowls.

Medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs can be susceptible to solidifying if there is humidity in the air, creating clumpy or hard powder.  To prevent this occurring, use your brew elixirs regularly (at least once a week) otherwise shake them well at regular intervals, always keep the lid on tight and store in the freezer to keep for long periods of time.