Vahy Parfum Balanced Encounter Set

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Set Dawn

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Perfume Spray |  2ml x 6 scents 

This sample set is 2ml spray atomisers of six natural scents. Perfect for layering, gifting or exploring our range before picking your signature scent. 



Ember Haze Amber | Vanilla | Woods

Tarkine  Wood | Vanilla | Spice  

Neon Neroli Orange Flower | Neroli | Bergamot

Midnight Ruze Rose — Peppercorn — Vetiver

Luna Bergamot | Ylang Ylang | Patchouli

Bohème Geranium | Cedarwood | Petitgrain 



Ember Haze Amber | Vanilla | Woods

Desert Nōmad Vanilla | Sandalwood | Tropical

Neon Neroli Orange Flower | Neroli | Bergamot

Tarkine  Wood | Vanilla | Velvet

Isle of Blanc Marine | Citrus | Salt

Midnight Ruze Rose — Peppercorn — Vetiver


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Established in 2016, Váhy is a boutique natural fragrance house based in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by wanderlust and a desire for balance and simplicity in life, Váhy’s genderless line of parfums are a modern and subversive take on traditional fragrance. 

After many years of scent development and countless iterations, Váhy is a true reflection of refined purity and a ground-breaking plunge into the mesmerising world of niche and natural fragrance. At Váhy, our products contain only the most premium and luxurious ingredients. They are cruelty-free with 100% natural ingredients that are >80% organic in composition. Our scents are created in Australia with essential oils, concentrates and absolutes infused in organic sugarcane alcohol.

Váhy founders Kate and Anna are passionate about providing only the finest quality products at a standard far beyond what is currently prevalent in the market. They are committed to being transparent with their ingredients and you will never find synthetics or terms that have no universally defined meaning like ‘fragrance’ or ‘denatured alcohol’ in the fine print of Váhy parfums. The No Nasties list is made up of chemicals and synthetics that Váhy will never use in their products. This includes the over 1,400 chemicals banned or restricted in personal care products by the European Union, plus additional chemicals screened by Váhy and found to be of concern.

 Váhy believes in offering products that are premium, clean and natural, without compromising on the quality or sophistication of our scents.


We use all recycled, recyclable & compostable packaging materials.

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