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Morning Breeze [Red Tea]

Morning Breeze Dian Hong -

LOCATION: Lincang 臨滄 (Yunnan 云南)

MOUNTAIN NAME:鳳慶縣 Fengqing area

YEAR: 2016


Here we have a true Red Tea. In China, it is known as Hong Cha (literally, "red tea"), after the reddish colour of its infusions. However, early in the tea trade to the West, very little information was exchanged and the name was dropped in favour of "black tea," which referred to the dark, withered leaves of the tea.

Red Tea has a long rolling process and is heavily oxidised, breaking down the cell walls which means they can release more of the teas essence. This is why red tea is richer, darker and has a more full-bodied liquor. It is strong and vibrant and best drunk in the morning.