Mizu Cold Drip Coffee Tower

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Handcrafted in Byron Bay. 

Heat Resistant Yama and Tiamo Glassware Included.

Each tower is uniquely numbered.

The Coffee Cold-Drip Tower uses cold water and gravity to brew a delicious infusion through glassware that’s cradled in a scorched-timber exterior.

Using the top and middle beakers for water and your preferred blend of coffee, a brew time of six hours ensures that every molecule of flavour is properly extracted.

Have the finished cold-brew on-ice, or as an additional note of flavour in a prepared dessert or drink. 


Size: 660mm tall x 190mm wide


How to use your Mizu Tower: 

1. Place the ceramic filter in the middle container.

2. Grind approximately 150g of coffee using a hand-grinder, at a medium-fine setting. The middle beaker should be almost entirely full, with about 1cm clearance at the top.
3. Using a kettle, slowly saturate the grind with cold water so that it doesn’t yet drip through the bottom of the container.
4. Place the middle and bottom beaker in the stand. Attach the spigot to the top (largest) beaker. Make sure it’s secure.
5. Fill the beaker ¾ of the way full of water, add a handful of ice and place in the stand.
6. Turn the spigot until the water drips at a rate of one drip every two seconds.
7. Come back to check every two hours or so, as the drip rate can change. Leave the stand for approximately 6 hours.
8. Collect the bottom beaker and serve the cold-brew on ice, or as part of an iced coffee.
Note: Make sure to experiment with coarseness of grind, coffee amount and drip time to cater to individual tastes or strengths. Coffee ‘Concentrate’ can also be made by using 110g Coarse-ground coffee and 250ml of water over 3 hours, at one drip per 1.5 seconds.


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