Frereana Frankincense [Chewing Resin] Shack Palace
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Frereana Frankincense [Chewing Resin] Shack Palace

Frereana Frankincense [Chewing Resin]

Known as the King of Frankincense in Northeastern Somalia, this high quality pure resin looks crystallised and has a translucent golden colour. It is widely used as a chewing gum, and has many healing benefits for the mouth and stomach. The natural flavour of Frankincense helps to purify the mouth, strengthen the teeth and gums, freshens breath, helps with mouth ulcers and digestion. Chewing gum can increase brain activity and also help one from quitting smoking.

Not used for burning.

Ingredients: Organic Boswelia Frereana Frankincense

Size: 50grams

Origin: Somalia 

Frankincense freshens the mind, boosting cerebral circulation and promoting clear, balanced thinking. Chewing Frankincense will improve the strength and quality of the voice. It promotes truth-telling and speaking from the heart. Frankincense has a long history of use as a powerful antiseptic and will rejuvenate the oral cavity, leaving your gums, teeth, and throat fresh and clean after chewing. It can be incredibly healing for inflammatory and/or bacterial oral conditions such as mouth ulcers and gingivitis. Chewing Frankincense is stimulating and healing to the digestive processes as well. It clears stagnation and ushers out excess gas, relieving the pain of colic.