Resin Burner Lid - Extra lid for Ignite Burner Shack Palace
Oil Burner Lid - Extra lid for Ignite Burner Shack Palace

Extra lid for Ignite Burner

The tray of the Ignite burners are designed to fit either an oil burning or resin burning lid. If you would like to make your burner even more versatile, you can purchase an extra lid here. 

See Ignite Oil Burner Here

See Ignite Resin Burner Here



To use as an oil burner, place a tea light candle in the circle groove in the tray and sit the oil burner lid on. Drop a few drops of essential oil into the circle groove in the oil burner lid and enjoy the scent. We recommend using a tealight candle with a tin to avoid having wax drop into the tray. 


Light your charcoal disc or cone incense and place it into the groove in the tray (we recommend using tongs to do this as to not burn your hand). If you are burning wood incense or resin then place your wood or resin onto the charcoal disc. Place the incense burner lid with 5 holes in the top onto your tray and enjoy the scent while the smoke dances out of the holes. 

Care: Wipe with a damp cloth to clean. Do not use any chemical cleaning products.

Recommended for indoor use only. This item is made from steel and coated with natural oils. Therefore if left un-attended, it may begin to pattina and rust naturally as the oil wears off. To avoid rusting, we recommend using regularly or re-oiling every few months and avoiding prolonged exposure to moisture.