Empire of the Sun Biophotonic Glass Water Bottle

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Size 1L Water Bottle

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Raise a glass to the Sun with this UVA/UVB light filtering drink water bottle, featuring Johanna's hand-applied 22 karat gold leaf Sun. 

No two bottles are ever the same, and your water is not only protected from pollutants, heavy metals and pathogens, but charged with the divine vibration of the Sun. 

German made Miron glass blocks out all the complete spectrum of light apart from the good vibration UV (Violet) light which charges your water with 'qi' (life force) energy through the walls of your drinking bottle. Proven to preserve your drinking waters freshness and balance its alkalinity.



Fill your water bottle with filtered water and stand in direct sunlight for an hour to allow UV rays to energise the water. Perfect high vibration accessory for Summer, and, unlike copper water bottles, the water stays healthy and alive, even when exposed to heat.



True Gold leaf will not oxidise and retains it's brilliance and shine. Following ancient gilders traditions, we do not coat or varnish our gold leaf Sun, as this would dull the lustre. It's fairly robust and does not rub off easily. Still, don't scrub your bottle and never put in the dishwasher!


We use all recycled, recyclable & compostable packaging materials.

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