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Blending nature from out to in, creates spaces that allow you to breathe in cleaner air.

For most people, the largest proportion of our lives are spent indoors despite the outdoors often being a healthier environment. It makes sense to bring some of the garden inside: plants reduce VOC’s, and allow us to breathe in fuller and take in fresh oxygen.

By reducing the size/number of rooms it allows us to pull the home apart over a site and insert green passages to connect the various spaces. 

The benefits of more natural light, more oxygen, and more visual joy keep us energised and inspired for longer.

Another useful strategy is to plant gardens with a high ratio of edibles. Herbs can be grown close to the kitchen for easy access while vegetable and fruit trees also provide a satisfying sense of self sufficiency. Once these plants thrive so do the inhabitants; as well as gaining a degree of freedom from supermarkets, sharing the abundance with neighbours, friends & family also creates a movement towards a healthier community direction.