Why We Love Cooking in Raw Earthen Pots

Our raw, unglazed earthenware pots, are much more than just aesthetically stunning. Here are our top 5 reasons why we love cooking in these pots…

  1. They are Alkalising

Clay is very alkaline in nature and it interacts with the acidity of the food. This means that the PH levels of the ingredients balance out during the cooking process, making the food a whole lot healthier, tastier and easier to digest!


2. The Flavour

The porous nature of terracotta and the way heat circulates through the pot allows moisture and aroma to stay inside. This gives a delicious, earthy flavour which can’t be achieved using metal cookware. 


3. You Need Less Oil

Due to the heat resistance of clay and the slow cooking process, the food retains all its oils and moisture, so you don’t need need to add any oil or fat to give moisture to your food. 


4. They are Warm

Clay pots retain temperature for a long time, keeping the food inside warm for up to 4-5 hours. This makes clay cookware perfect for long dinner parties. We suggest serving meals in your clay pot, so that the food stays warm and delicious as your guests go back for seconds and thirds. 


5. They Retain Nutrients

Cooking is clay is similar to the process of steaming as it retains the nutrients in the food. Our earthen pots minimise the amount of nutrients that can be lost through evaporation when cooking in metal utensils.