Temple Rain Incense

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Purification / Awakening

Inspired by a rain-soaked temple at dusk, this scent transports one to a realm where the boundaries blur between the self and the surroundings, rendering the world ethereal. It carries dominant notes of cypress and tanarius major, lending a profound woody undertone. Subtle hints of patchouli and rhubarb introduce a mild bitterness, reminiscent of ancient remedies. Gradually, a lush, gentle, and sweet aroma takes over, invigorating and awakening all the senses.

Ingredients: Cypress, Tanarius Major, Patchouli, Kaempferia, Rhubarb, Lingling herb, Clove

Length: 10.5cm

Burn Time: Approx. 22 mins per stick

Net Content: 10 grams (Approx. 43-47 sticks)

Please note that all wording on the packaging of this product is written in Chinese, including the ingredients list. We have added an insert listing the product name and ingredients in English for your convenience. 


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