Sacred Trinity Anointment Rescue Serum

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A sacred, next level rescue remedy created to accompany you through your day and night. Firms the skin, erases wrinkles, promotes cell renewal, fades sun-spots, protects from the elements. Aids meditation, promotes sleep, eases the mind, relaxes the skin around the eyes, improves vision and mental focus, soothes skin and soul, disperses mind fog, lifts anxiety, travel, motion and homesickness. Charged with the sacred ingredients used in ancient anointment oils: Intention-grounding Gold promotes elasticity. Re-aligning Frankincense softens lines. Awareness-heightening Myrrh helps with hyper-pigmentation.

For women and men of all skin types. Meditators, yogis, travellers. All ages.


Shake before use. For skin benefits, roll directly onto your skin, especially around the eyes and gently massage into the skin with your ring finger (it has the lightest pressure of all digits and you won’t pull your skin). For meditation, centering ‘anointment’ and ethereal body activation, apply in a five-star formation, starting at the third eye, then inside left wrist, then under sole of right foot, then under sole of left foot, then inside of right wrist. Finish with rolling some on your heartspace. We recommend carrying this with you always as a trusting companion, fortifying serum and rescue remedy on your life’s journey.


Serenely beautiful, with deep earth, wood and resin from the Frankincense and Myrrh sap, slightly herbacous overtones that remind of fragrant dry grass. Sensual Vanilla imbues the composition with exotic spice and complex Saffron lifts it all heavenward.


CALENDULA* / Calendula Officinalis. Sun-infused flower extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Certified organic. Tasmania, Australia.  
VANILLA* / Vanilla planifolia. Sun-infused pod extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Certified organic. Daintree, Australia. 
OLIVE OIL**/ Olea europaea. Victoria, Australia. Cold pressed. Extra virgin. Certified Demeter biodynamic.

SAFFRON EXTRACT* / Crocus sativus. Sun-infused stigma extract. Certified organic. Australia. 
LIGHT ROOT EXTRACT** / Dioscorea Batatas. Sun-infused root extract. Certified Demeter Biodynamic Germany.

FRANKINCENSE FREREANA*/ Boswellia Frereana*. Sun-infused resin extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Steam distilled essential oil. Certified organic. Somalia 
WHITE 'ROYAL HORAJI' FRANKINCENSE / Boswellia Sacra^ Sun-infused resin extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Steam distilled essential oil. Certified organic. Oman 
FRANKINCENSE CARTERII^ / Boswellia Carterii. Steam distilled essential oil. Wildcrafted. Somalia. 
MYRRH*/ Commiphora Myrrha. Sun-infused resin extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Steam distilled essential oil. Certified organic. Somalia 
‘OMUMBIRI’ NAMIBIAN MYRRH^ / Commiphora Wildii. Sun-infused resin extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Steam distilled essential oil. Wildcrafted. Namibia. 
24 KARAT GOLD"/ Aurum. Certified Cosmetic Grade. Non-Nano Germany.

*Organic/certified organic **certified Demeter biodynamic ^wildcrafted "certified cosmetic.


We use all recycled, recyclable & compostable packaging materials.

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