Revive Cleansing Oil

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A gentle, non-comedogenic, effective night time skin cleansing oil with purifying, detoxifying, exfoliating and pore-opening properties, composed to reveal clear, fresh and renewed skin.

This is a richly emollient composition that gently takes of the day's dust, marks and worries. Sun-infused extracts of fig leaf extract is high in Vitamin A and vitamin C beneficial in promoting exfoliation and elimination of superficial surface skin cells. Figwort stimulates the lymphatic system, and helps soothe skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Antioxidant and mineral-rich Dandelion helps repair elemental skin damage. Meadowsweet contains natural salicylic acid which soothes inflamed, toxin-overloaded skin and restores smooth texture of congested tissue. It's astringent properties tone and firm tired, sagging skin.

For adult women and men of all skin types. Especially benefits acne prone, irritated, sun-exposed and city toxin-loaded skin.

Best to use at nighttime. Wash or spritz your face with warm water (purified is best), and massage a little amount all over your face taking care not to get it into your eyes, as the acne-busting astringent willow bark may sting a little. Take of with a warm damp muslin or washcloth. 


APRICOT SEED OIL*/ Prunus Armeniaca. Cold pressed. Certified organic. Australia. 
FIG LEAF  EXTRACT/ Fica. Kangaroo Valley, Sun-infused leaf extract in Olive oil**. Wildcrafted. Australia. Organic. Tasmania, Australia.

BLACK WILLOWBARK EXTRACT* / Salix Nigra. Sun-infused bark extract extract in Olive oil**.
Certified Organic. USA
MIMOSA* / Acacia Dealbata (Australian Silver Wattle). Sun-infused flowers + leaf extract in Olive oil**. Wildcrafted. Kangaroo Valley, Australia. 
FIGWORT* / Scrophularia Canina.  Sun-infused leaf extract in Olive oil**. Certified organic. Tasmania, Australia.
DANDELION* / Taraxacum Officinale. Sun-infused leaf extract in Olive oil**.Certified organic. Tasmania, Australia. 
MEADOWSWEET* / Filipendula Ulmaria. Sun-infused flower + leaf extract in Olive oil**.
Certified organic. Tasmania, Australia.
SAFFRON* / Crocus Sativus. Sun-infused stigma extract in Olive Oil**Certified organic. Australia 
GERANIUM EXTRACT^/ Pelargonium Graveolens. Sun-infused leaf extract in Olive oil**. Wildcrafted. Kangaroo Valley, Australia.
GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL*/ Pelargonium Graveolens. Steam Distilled Essential Oil. Cerified organic. South Africa

FRANKINCENSE FREREANA*/ Boswellia Frereana. Sun-infused resin extract in Olive oil**/steam distilled essential oil. Somalia.
FRANKINCENSE SACRA^ / 'White 'Royal Horaji' Boswellia Sacra.Sun-infused resin extract in Olive oil** + steam distilled essential oil. Oman.
FRANKINCENSE CARTERII^ / Boswellia Carterii. Steam distilled essential oil. Somalia. 
MYRRH*/ Commiphora Myrrha. 
Sun-infused resin extract in Olive oil**/steam distilled essential oil. Somalia
‘OMUMBIRI’ NAMIBIAN MYRRH^ /Commiphora Wildii. Sun-infused resin + steam distilled essential oil. Namibia. 
24 KARAT GOLD'/ Aurum.
Non-Nano. Germany.

*Organic/certified organic **certified Demeter biodynamic ^wildcrafted "certified cosmetic.


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