Plethora Unique Bag Series

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As a central part of the garment project collection Plethora has produced a limited edition series of 25 unique weekender bag in extreme-density Kurashiki canvas quality – individually hand dyed in botanical pigment from plants exclusively growing in local Danish soil such as plum, violet, walnut, hazel and goldenrod - for a unique and personal expression of style in terms of colour hue and natural marbled patterns.

Produced by special patterning on the vintage shuttle loom weaves at Takeyari the extra thick, high-density canvas no.2 used for the Plethora weekender bag secures both high versatility and everlasting durability. 

Materials: High-density Kurashiki canvas. Reinforced straps and seams.

Features: Two A4 outside pockets, one A5 inside pocket Everlasting durability.
One size: 47 cm x 47 cm x 13 cm

Designed by Rihei Arthur Sato. Unique botanical dye by Cæcilie Vengberg.


SCANDINAVIAN BOTANICAL DYE / The tradition of botanical dye has deep roots all around the world and represents a slower and more sustainable process than conventional chemical dyeing. On the unique pieces series Plethora has collaborated with Danish textile designer, Cæcilie Parfelt Vengberg on the production of a limited edition series consisting of unique hand-dyed Plethora Weekender bags – exclusively using the herbs and plants found in the local Danish soil.

After being cleansed of leftover fibers and fillers from industrial production, the canvas bags are soaked in tannin baths to mordant and colorise. Adding a unique blend of Scandinavian flora such as plum, bramble, violet, walnut and goldenrod and wide and pallet of colour effects and organic colourations are achieved. By repeating this process time and over again, adding additional iron for oxidating specific parts of the organic pattern, every bag reaches its own unique expression.



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