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An illuminating sun-infused composition of biodynamic, organic and wildcrafted botanicals, mindfully selected for their emollient, humectant, soothing, age-proofing, sebum-balancing, glow-inducing, wrinkle-smoothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Composed not just to revitalise dull complexion, rejuvenate mature skin, balance sebum and calm and protect irritated, sensitive faces, but also to open the heart chakra, soothe nervous tension and connect us to the spiritual being we are.

For women and men of all skin types. Especially benefits mature AND teenage, acne prone, sensitive, imbalanced skin. All ages.

Gently massage a smear all over your face and neck every morning after using the Precious Face Oil, using your ring fingers. Your ring fingers have the lightest touch of all your digits and won’t pull your skin. The composition is smooth, absorbs quickly. and will form an ever so light moisture retaining layer on your skin. We recommend using our oil for a few weeks exclusively to harness it’s potency and gently transition your skin into it’s new, natural and healthy state.

Soft honey with a Summer meadow herbaceous note and resinous, earthy undertones. A hint of soothing Chamomile dancing with complex Rose, accentuated by grounding Vanilla, heavenly Saffron and vibrant, I-can't-describe-this-but-I-know-it Seabuckthorn, weighted with spicy Cumin and Carrot, lifted with luminous, smokey tones of Frankincense and Myrrh. While the Prickly Pear does have a very distinctive Vanilla/Smokey wood nose so characteristic of top quality Cactus oils, it does not carry through in the formula. Same with the Raspberry, it has a very familiar Raspberry scent to it, but in the composition it strengthens the Rose rather, which is from the same botanical family.


CALENDULA EXTRACT* / Calendula Officinalis. Sun-infused flower extract in Olive Oil**. Tasmania, Australia. 
VANILLA EXTRACT* / Vanilla Planifolia. Sun-infused pod extract in Olive Oil**. Daintree, Australia.
OLIVE OIL**/ Olea Europaea. Cold pressed. Extra Virgin. Unrefined. Victoria, Australia

CHAMOMILE* / Matricaria Recutita L. Tasmania, Australia. Sun-infused flowers. Certified organic.
CARROT ROOT EXTRACT* / Daucus Carota. Sun-infused root extract. Australia. Certified organic. 
SEABUCKTHORN FRUIT OIL* / Hippophae Rhamnoids. Germany. Cold pressed. Certified Organic.
PRICKLY PEAR SEED OIL  / Opuntia Ficus-Indica L. Cold pressed. Certified Organic. Morocco.
RASPBERRY SEED OIL*/ Rubus idaeus. Germany. Cold pressed. 
Certified Organic.
BLACK CUMIN SEED OIL*/ Nigella sativa. Egypt. Cold pressed. 
Certified Organic.
CARROT SEED OIL* / Daucus Carota. Cold pressed. Egypt Certified organic. 
WILD CARROT SEED* / Daucus Carota. Steam distilled essential oil. Wildcrafted, France.
CHAMOMILE BLUE* / Matricaria Recutita L. Steam distilled essential oil. Certified Organic. Egypt
ROSE DAMASK OTTO / Rosa Damascena Mill. Steam distilled essential oil. Certified Organic. Bulgaria.
SAFFRON EXTRACT* / Crocus sativus. Australia. Sun-infused stigma extract. Australia.

FRANKINCENSE FREREANA*/ Boswellia Frereana. Sun-infused resin extract in Olive oil**/steam distilled essential oil. Somalia.
FRANKINCENSE SACRA^ / 'White 'Royal Horaji' Boswellia Sacra.Sun-infused resin extract in Olive oil** + steam distilled essential oil. Oman.
FRANKINCENSE CARTERII^ / Boswellia Carterii. Steam distilled essential oil. Somalia. 
MYRRH*/ Commiphora Myrrha. 
Sun-infused resin extract in Olive oil**/steam distilled essential oil. Somalia
‘OMUMBIRI’ NAMIBIAN MYRRH^ /Commiphora Wildii. Sun-infused resin + steam distilled essential oil. Namibia. 
24 KARAT GOLD'/ Aurum. Non-Nano. Germany. 

*Organic/certified organic **certified Demeter biodynamic ^wildcrafted "certified cosmetic.


We use all recycled, recyclable & compostable packaging materials.

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