Kurinuki Chawan

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Kurinuki is a Japanese word that translates to 'carving out' or 'hollowing out'. These pieces are hand formed from a solid block of clay that is carved to make the void that holds the contents, rather than the walls being wheel thrown or slab built. The result is that each piece is completely unique, raw looking, primitive even in its appearance, & the heavy bases give a sense of weighty importance when holding it in your hands.

Tea Chawan: approx. 10cm diameter x 8cm high (now glazed on inside)

Matcha Chawan: approx. 11cm diameter x 9cm high

The craftspeople start with a 1kg block of recycled stoneware clay, reclaimed from the 'corners' of the slab built Wabi plates, & wedged into cylinders. Once the central void is excavated, the outer shape is formed using hand made tools; like bamboo & wire harps, wooden scraping devices, & repurposed metal items that serve as unlikely cutting utensils which leave curious markings sharp or blunt. This surface texture is created at various stages of drying, & enhanced during the subsequent steps in the process.

These vessels have been coated with a water-based quartz sealer (otherwise known as silicon dioxide or SiO2) that inhibits the growth of mould, algae & scale, repels water & other liquids, & minimises the staining caused by fats, acids & alkalis. This revolutionary sealer creates an invisible barrier between the ceramic surface & the food upon it, is thermal shock resistant & so is commercial dishwasher, microwave & oven safe up to 450°C. There is no need for harsh commercial detergents when cleaning, in fact reducing contact with solvents, abrasives & chemicals will prolong the life of the coating. It is highly scratch resistant & has been tested for food safety compliance to German food safety standards. These unglazed vessels are the first of their kind, the only unglazed food-safe ceramic ware on the market.

Please note that the shape markings of these pieces are all completely unique, and therefore the piece you receive may differ from these photos. Please contact us if you would like us to send you photos of the specific pieces we have available.


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