Box of 27mm Easy Light Charcoal Discs [20 Rolls - 120 Briquettes]

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These charcoal discs are high quality, easy to light and have a low odour. 

Each roll contains 6 x 27mm discs, & each disc will burn for approximately 45 minutes (depending on wind conditions - faster in a windy place, slower in calm conditions, like any fire).


Begin by lighting one edge of your disc and placing it in a heat proof dish or incense burner. We advise keeping a barrier of sand or stones between your dish and charcoal to protect your dish. 

Wait a few seconds while sparks light up across the disc. Once the whole surface is glowing, it’s ready to use.

Place a piece of resin, incense or herbal blend directly onto the lit disc to burn (add small quantities at a time as to not smother the disc.)
Enjoy the scent


Never touch a charcoal disc once it has been lit.

Ensure the burning charcoal is in a safe place, in a heatproof container or burner, out of reach of children or pets as it gets VERY hot.

The charcoal disc should be left to burn out and cool in the burner. DO NOT throw away in the bin or garden after use. If you need to extinguish it before it is fully cooled then pour water into your burner. You can wash out your burner after use with water. 

Never leave a lit charcoal disc unattended. 

Be mindful of smoke detectors when lighting charcoal disks and using resin or granulated incenses. Light in a well ventilated space or ideally outside.


We use all recycled, recyclable & compostable packaging materials.

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