“The simple act of brewing, sipping, and savoring tea leaves in a cup elevates you above the chaos in life today. Filling you with flavor, calm, and vitality, the tea ritual is a vehicle for both inner peace and health, and interpersonal connection and happiness” -Jesse Jacobs

Shackpalace Ritual tea blends have been created by dietitian & nutritionist Lorna Garden based on current scientific research.

Using all organic or wildcrafted loose leaf teas, each blend has been designed with a specific intention and handmade with love.

Our blends are bottled in biophotonic glass apothecary jars, which preserve the tea leaves for extended periods of time by filtering out harmful visible light. 

As a final touch, we have etched the lids of our apothecary jars with sacred geometry to imbue a positive energy into each tea blend.

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