Kuura Tea source high quality, naturally grown puer and other teas from Yunnan. 


What is Puer Tea?

Simplified, puer tea is a type of tea from Yunnan, China, made from large leaf varietal camellia sinensis processed in a way that allows it’s flavour to change significantly with purposeful ageing.

The tea is processed in a manner that leaves a number of microbes within the tea still active, meaning the tea will ripen/ferment slowly via the action of enzymes, fungus, and bacteria, leading to unique aged flavours.

The different micro-climates and growing conditions in Yunnan give rise to distinct region specific tastes; tea from neat rows of plantation bushes tastes wildly different to semi-wild growing old trees, and flavours vary from mountain to mountain, village to village. The endless permutations of base material, storage conditions and age of the tea make for a captivating pursuit of delicious, powerful liquid.

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