Fusion by Philippe Baudelocque x Plethora

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As one journeys through the works of Philippe Baudelocque, one will notice to what tenacious detail the artist reinterprets and alters our conception of the universe. To a vision of the living that transcends matter and thought, body and soul; he portrays a cosmos that embraces all facets of being within a single chalk line.

In Baudelocque’s universe of cosmic creatures, man is no longer the all-powerful master of nature. He is cut from the same celestial cloth as other species – animal, vegetable, and mineral – the very fabric of the universe.

Limited edition of 250 copies.
Signed and numbered.
Handmade clamshell cover in archival fibrecarton with serigraphic print.
Custom off-set negative print.
43 X 33 cm format, 72 pages.
Munken Print 18 150g paper.
Printed by Narayana Press Yoga Ashram.


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