Classic Casserole with Lid

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Size 28cm Classic

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The Falk copper casserole is a perfect example of quality to last a lifetime, and hard working durability. Ideal for slow cooked recipes, which require even temperatures, you'll be able to safely and effectively cook both on the hob and in the oven.  Whether yours is an electric or gas cooker, this large casserole will provide the perfect cooking conditions for soups, stews and casseroles with its high straight sides for moisture retention.

Only copper conducts, distributes and maintains heat with such superior accuracy, giving you greater control over results.  With a lid in the oven, our beautiful casserole produces superb stews and slow cooked foods.  On the hob, soups and stocks will simmer without hot spots.  The stainless steel lining ensures that flavour will have depth and intensity.  Two rustic, durable cast iron handles compliment the Classical range pan and easy care brushed surfaces, unique to Falk, eliminate the need for polishing.

Size: 24cm Low

Capacity: 2.7litres

Vessel height: 6cm

Falk Bimetal: 2.3mm copper with 0.2mm 18/8 stainless steel

Handle: Cast iron

Handcrafted in Belgium


Size: 28cm Low

Capacity: 4.3 litres

Vessel height: 7cm 

Falk Bimetal: 2.3mm copper with 0.2mm 18/8 stainless steel

Handle: Cast iron

Handcrafted in Belgium


Size: 28cm Classic

Capacity: 7.45 litres

Vessel height: 12.5cm

Size: 32cm Stewpan

Capacity: 7.8litres

Vessel height: 11.1cm


Falk Bimetal: 2.3mm copper with 0.2mm 18/8 stainless steel

Handles: Cast iron

Handcrafted in Belgium


Use tips

  • Ideal for both electric and gas hobs.
  • Oven safe to 230°C/450°F/Gas Mark 8.
  • Because of its superior conductivity, copper cookware rarely requires full heat on a hob, typically no more than 50-75% of full power.  Use a lower flame when cooking with gas.
  • Avoid pre-heating an empty saucepan and never allow this to boil dry.
  • When seasoning your food remember to heat the water to boiling point first, especially before adding salt.  This disperses the salt quickly and prevents pitting of the stainless steel lining.

Care tips

  • Always allow pots and pans to cool before cleaning.
  • Do not put copper cookware in a mechanical dishwasher.
  • We do not recommend the use of products containing bleach for cleaning copper cookware.
  • Hand washing in warm soapy water is normally all that is required.  Always dry immediately after washing with a soft cloth.
  • Copper will develop a rich patina over time.  This will not affect cooking performance.
  • To keep copper pans looking like new, use a polish suitable for copper and a fine abrasive pad.
  • Apply a light coat of vegetable oil to cast iron handles from time to time to prevent rusting.
  • For further information please see this article on maintaining and cleaning copper cookware.


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