12oz - Carter Move Mug [360º Sip Lid] Shack Palace
8oz - Carter Move Mug [360º Sip Lid] Shack Palace
16oz - Carter Move Mug [360º Sip Lid] Shack Palace
Carter Move Mug [360º Sip Lid] Shack Palace

Carter Move Mug [360º Sip Lid]

The Fellow Carter Move Mug is a portable, double-wall tumbler that’s created to provide you with the optimal drinking experience while on the go. Unlike other reusable tumblers that prevent you from enjoying the aroma of your drink, the Carter Move is designed with an open top for a more engaging sensory experience with every sip.

Although not spill-proof, this Fellow tumbler comes with a magnetic lid that acts as a shield to prevent your drink from splashing out while you move with your drink in hand. The tumbler is also the perfect size for a one-hand grip and has a 360º sip lid so you can drink from any angle. Made with stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, this portable mug is easy to clean, durable, and odour-resistant.


360º sip lid - Drink from any angle with the Fellow Carter’s 360º sip lid. No more twisting your arm or cup just to take a spill-less sip.

Splash-proof - With its built-in splash umbrella and magnetic lid, you can drink and move without splashing your drink around. Keep in mind that this tumbler is not spill-proof and can’t be stashed in your bag.

One-hand grip - Perfectly sized for a comfortable one-hand grip. Double-wall - Keeps your drink hot or cold for 3 hours.

Aroma access - Designed with an open-top so you can enjoy your drink’s aroma.

Materials: 18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free plastic lid, inner ceramic coating


77 mm diameter (body), 77 mm (mouth)

8oz: 136 mm (H) w/ lid, 115 mm (H) w/o lid

12oz: 168 mm (H) w/ lid, 148 mm (H) w/o lid

16oz: 200 mm (H) w/ lid, 180 mm (H) w/o lid