50cm x 50cm / Flax - Bedouin Minerale Minerale Napkin Shack Palace
50cm x 50cm / White - Bedouin Minerale Minerale Napkin Shack Palace

Minerale Napkin

Sold Individually

These linen napkins are made from a vintage wash artisan process which achieves a lovely powdery matte finish. The process relaxes the fibres to produce a soft handle.

50cm x 50cm

Pure linen 170gsm. Made with long staple linen yarns, the superior fibre from the flax plant. The yarns are sourced from flax growing regions of Belgium and northern France. They are woven and made in established linen mills. Each product is crafted using high-end construction techniques. No detail is left unchecked.

Care: Machine wash 40 degrees celsius with gentle detergents. Air dry or tumble dry low heat.